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Tips to give a new feel to your home décor with rugs and runners

19 Mar 2015

For anyone who wants to make their home look ravishing and beautiful while adding great comfort, using rugs and runners is a no brainer. Everyone knows to bring attractive and exciting looks to a rather dull room with carefully chosen rugs and runners. While this one point is enough to get one convinced to use rugs and runners as an important part of home décor furnishing, there are plenty of reasons why one should use them. We can easily say that rugs and runners have a special ability to complete the home décor furnishing.  Apart from its aesthetical appearances and looks, the comfort that it brings is an excellent point never to overlook rugs while decorating your home.

Home Décor with Rugs and Runners

Following are the ways in which you can use rugs and runners to make your home look fantastic.

Defining areas with them

OneOne of the best ways to make use of rugs and runners is to use them to separate areas from each other and to define them. It would sure look cool if you can separate seating areas from dining areas and foyers.  This can come in handy if you have a smaller apartment that needs special attention to save a lot of space.

Go vivid on colors

If you are planning to use different rugs in your room, it is better to have them in tow different colors. Using different rugs of the same color can cut your room into pieces making it appear less spacious and congested.

Home Décor with Rugs and Runners

Make sure that the rugs support each other

One of the important things that must be taken care before visiting any of the home furnishing stores in your area, it is imperative that you decide on the styles of the carpets you are going to buy. If you think of incorporating different styles, they must complement each other to bring out the perfect combination of both styles. A clean sweep of some of the home furnishing stores in your town will find you exciting options available exclusively for your requirements.

Comfort level matters

: An area rug is the best item to make your home super comfortable. Your bedroom is the best place to use a runner to add great comfort to your feet. Most of the times, majority of the portion of the rug goes under your bed, but by using a sleek runner you can make a perfect and cozy landing space for your feet.

Complement the color theme of the room with rugs and runners

You can always select the color of the rugs based on the color theme of the room. If you plan to use a single focus rug and base the rest of the rugs on it, then the ideal choice would be to pick the color from the paint of room and then elaborate your choices based on the same. This works best if you have not brought your furniture yet. I you have, the combination would be better if the color scheme goes well with the furniture in your room.

Use the rugs creatively

If you did not know, you can use a rug or a runner to quieten your room or make it visually stunning. Either way, you need to use them creatively and carefully to get the desired result.  For rooms and walls that have an ornate pattern, it would be wise to go with a more subtle rug. Even if you have such upholstery holding onto this idea is better than many others. If you have other types of patterns, get rugs that are visually bold and rich. You can find a lot of options to choose from home decor shopping centers or home furnishing stores in your town.

Create a visually attractive focal point

Though often done on a wall with unique and distinctive items to create focal point in the room, rugs and runners can also be used for the same. You may just have to visit a couple of home furnishing stores to get the most unique and incredible rugs that will just add as a perfect piece of your home décor furnishing.

Though people have underestimated the ability of rugs as an exciting addition to every home décor furnishing, one can easily assure that rugs and runners are here to stay with their unique look, feel and the ability to add comfort to your home.


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