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Twist in Home Decor : Bolsters

6 May 2015

With various other Home Decor items like cushions, pillows, quilts, table runners, etc might get boring. To get some appealing twist - Designer bolsters is the perfect product. Some changes are required in your sofa which Bolsters can only fulfill.

So what exactly a Bolster is?
A Bolster pillow is a cylindrical pillow used to lean back to support the lower part, but typically it’s used as a decorative pillow or accent pillow. They can also function as head or back support and are often used as bumpers in cribs or act as barriers in the beds of small children. These kind of pillows are available in from very small size - for the cute look to the size that span the entire width of the bed - for luxury and comfort.

Traces from the 'Mughal' era!
Long back, Bolsters were used by the Mughals as a support on their upholstery. Since then there are great amount of changes in their color, size and specifically designs. Now variety has arrived in today's Designer Bolsters as they are available in various patterns, colors and designs which caters to the particluar requirement of a home.

Twist in Home Decor Bolsters

Features of Bolster Pillows
Bolster pillows are a type of decorative throw pillow that can be used to accessorize and decorate a room.

  • Different sizes - Bolster pillows are available from small size to medium for Beds then large for upholstery.
  • Highly Durable - These type of pillows are highly durable as their fabric material used is tested thoroughly which then comfirm its lasting durability.

They are made using superior quality thick casement cotton which makes them soft, smooth and durable. You can cuddle and spend as much time as you want with your bolsters as they are skin friendly and allergen free.

  • Variety in Pattern - Every Bolsters has its unique variety in designs according to their pattern. Patterns be disntictive to suit the respective Home Decor.
  • Several Designs - In the Mughal Era, Bolster designs were similar according to their upholstery unlike nowadays contrast colors are in trend with considering the fabric material used.  
  • Cylindrical Shape - The most attractive feature of Bolster pillows is theie cylindrical shape as they take a place as a hand rest on the sides.

Types of Bolster Pillows
You can minimize you lower back problems and neck discomfort by selecting your perfect designer, luxurious and comfortable bolsters as follows

  • Regular Bolster Pillow
  • Designer shirred Bolster Pillow
  • Designer Tri-Panel Bolster Pillow
  • Kids Bolster Pillow

Furniture has a specific accessory made to enhance the gaze. As Sofa sets includes Cushions, beds have pillows and diwan sets have bolsters, its being cleared that there is no limitations to the bolsters by Diwans.
- Bolsters can be used for beds and carpets on the floor.
- Bolsters are used prominently as they offer to your home with their bright and attractively designed envelopes.
- It is used to give your bed and sofa the attractive look and comfortable when you have these bolsters as your furniture accessory.
- Bolster pillows are also used for providing support to back during sleep.
- Some pillows are even used to place it on your carpet to give a lavish look to your floor.

The advantage of using bolster pillow in place of regular pillows is that it runs the entire width of bed, which ensures uniform support to head irrespective of sleeping posture. In case of regular pillows, however, head tends to dip in the gap between the pillows. The time around your bolsters would be even better after you cover them with these covers as they help to create a blissful ambience around your space. These covers are ideal during festivals and marriage parties as they help to bring out a beautiful glamorous look with a hint of tradition.

You will enjoy every bit of your time on your diwan when a bolster is there to rest your head. The mushy and smooth texture will keep you comfortable without interrupting your rest in any way. is also a well-reputed online shopping portal offering world class bolster covers for the mass of India. Due to the diversity of people, religion and cultures, they are designed in a wide range of designs, colors and patterns. Moreover, all these covers are colorfast and have high tearing strength therefore they are washable in a machine. You can visit our website for more information on bolster covers.

Let your guests be impressed with your impeccable taste and your designer dinning ware. Choose our exciting range of Jodhaa Bolsters that will definitely add that special character which is required for your home.

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