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Indian home furnishing stores poised to go online; here is why?

According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India, the domestic e-commerce marker is all set to seize soaring heights in 2014 as well, the Times of India reports. With every tick of the clock, the value of the online market sets new heights; it has been quick in the past and there are no glimpses of it waning in the future as well.

The online home furnishing stores in India contribute heavily to the ever-growing e-commerce sector and they have gained the confidence to the make a fortune in the online business. People are now more convinced to buy home furnishing items online than going to a physical shop to purchase the same item.

Why do India prefer online home furnishing stores:

Indian populace, in the past never shared anything common with most of the countries outside the subcontinent when it came to consumer behavior. As the economy became more dynamic and liberal, they were exposed to more choices and higher quality products that most of the international players offered them. With great choices and superior quality products, the Indian consumer became a global consumer.

Some of the important aspects that made the Indian-home-decor-consumer purchase home furnishing online are as follows.

Technological development:

The technological advancement that the country has seen in the last 5 years stands testimonial for most of the changes in the socio-economical scenario of the country. Technology has been the vital link that connects information and people. With the advent of popular social media and communication channels, information finds people rather quickly.

Technology now aids almost all of the transactions that happen in India and the case of consumer behavior of Indian population is no exception.

Convenience redefined:

A professional who works from Monday to Saturday would want to spend the time with his wife and kids when he gets an off rather than visiting some home furnishing stores in the town. Home furnishing stores online addresses this concern of the people convincingly and they are always on the winning note with this. This has become the most important attraction of online stores that lure people to come back to them repeatedly.

Additionally, it is easier to order a bedcover online rather than buying it from a shop. Home delivery is one of the catch-phrases that attract people to buying from an online store.

Unlimited choices:

As there are many online home decor stores in India, it is easier to move from one merchant to another online pretty easily than moving from a physical store. It would be unreal to assume that a consumer is able to get everything from a single shop. Buying stuff online makes it easier to switch between sites and cancel an order with real ease.

Consumer wants the best and information:

Home improvement is a continuous process and the consumer wants to get the best of it. They want to keep up with the latest trends and fads. This cannot happen with purchases happening at stores in the town. Online stores pack all the good things that a customer would want and most of them are best at what they do.

With ever increasing reach of internet and technology online home furnishing shops and their presence is here to stay.

About Jodhaa Home Furnishings Store in Mumbai

We at Jodhaa believe that Indian consumers will move a large part of their home furnishing purchases over a period of time. The ease of operation, great return policies, free shipping, better pricing and the amount of time saves will be the leading reasons that the online purchases will be the major channel of purchase for home furnishings.


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