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Do blank walls stare at you? Use these tips to make the walls add charm to your home

After years of dreaming and toiling, now you have built a beautiful house and you are excited to spend the rest of your life in your heaven on earth. However, everyday you notice the large empty wall that stare at you and makes you feel that something is really missing. If you are left to scratch your head without any ideas on how you can decorate the wall, read the following simple ideas to give you a hand. These are suggested by famous Home Furnishing Stores.

Make use of your collection of photographs

One of the easiest and simplest ways to decorate your empty wall is with memories from the past. There is nothing more fun and pleasing than watching your special moments with your loved ones. It can instantly lift your morale and alter your mood. And, while your have guests they can easily take walk through your memories as well.

Going green

If you have noticed, going green is the buzz word of every industry. And the question is why have you never thought of it as a part of your home décor strategy? There are plenty of great crawlers and plants that you can use to decorate your empty wall. With this green wall of lush plants, you can keep your room fresh and breathe life into your room.

The miracle of mirrors

Your home décor furnishing will never be complete without the touch of mirrors. Mirrors are a great piece of decorative art that can work miracles on blank walls. Along with adding great lighting to the room, mirrors on walls can make the room look spacious.

Get the rugged look with salvaged wood

Your blank wall can look amazingly warm and beautiful with a perfect expanse of salvaged wood. The unique color and feel of weathered wood can change the look of once-lifeless wall into a canvas of beautiful decoration.

Floating shelves on the wall

Shelves can be a great as well as useful decoration for any empty wall. It can not only add charm and beauty to the empty wall, but also give you the much needed space to display various articles. One of the key factors to consider while you setup shelves on the blank wall is its main purpose-which is to decorate the wall. The space is only an additional benefit that you get.

Going unconventional

The simple tip for making a blank wall look the best is to go unconventional. Adding your unique ideas and designs can make the wall look a lot better and charming than many tips given by any Home Furnishing Stores. Do-it-yourself ideas work better than many worn-out or over used techniques.

These are only meant to elicit some ideas in your mind only and as required, you can always add your sig nature styles and ideas to make it fit your home and your requirements.

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