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Guidelines to prevent your couch cushions from sinking in

It is a common complaint that most home furnishing stores hear from customers that their couch cushions sink faster than they expect and they have no idea how to take care of it. Since cushions are expensive to buy, you may not be able to buy another one every time they start sinking. It is very embarrassing for the homeowners to invite guests to sit on a sinking couch. At the same time, the guests would feel uncomfortable sitting on them as well. This is a situation where no homeowners would want to find themselves in, at any cost.

So, what are the ways you can prevent one of the best decor furnishing items from losing its feel and usefulness?

Before you understand about the methods of prevention, understanding the reasons behind a sinking couch cushion will help you a lot better while taking care of a sinking couch cushion.

Couches are used very often:

If you notice, most members of your home spend a lot of time on the couches you have. It means that a couch takes in lot of pressure often than any other item in the house. On continuous use, the couch itself or the springs of the couch can easily be worn out causing the couch to sink in.

Usage patterns:

Unlike any other furniture item, couch is a favorite of everyone for it has multiple uses. You can sit on it, lie on it or you can recline on it. Most people tend to sit on the same part of the couch leaving other area less used. This can make some part of the couch to sink unevenly causing the couch to look ugly.

Brand of the couch you buy:

Buying couches and sofas from a good brand can prevent couches from immediate sinking in. The materials used play an import role in the life of a couch. Now that you understand the reasons behind a sinking couch cushion, let us see how you can prevent it.

Often rearrange couch cushions:

This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to prevent couch cushions from sinking in. Rearranging cushions can break the usage pattern of people and all cushions can be used evenly. Flipping the cushions and moving them around the couch regularly can distribute weight and pressure evenly on different cushions. This can easily help you keep the cushions plumper and firm. The best interval to swap cushions is two weeks.

Take care of the spring coils:

Springs play an important role in keeping the cushions plump and firm on couches. Inspecting to see if the spring coils are broken can help you take preventive action to stop the cushions from sinking in easily. Taking care of the broken spring and replacing them with new stronger ones can prevent your cushions from sinking in further.

Consider replacing or adding foam:

Cushion Cover In Velvet Shop OnlineSometimes, all you need to do to prevent the couch from sagging is to replace the foam or add more foam to the cushion. If you know, most cushions have zipper that makes this easier than you can ever imagine. Before replacing or adding the foam to make it thicker, inspect the condition of the current foam inside. If they are considerably damaged, then replacing it would be the best option as adding fresh foam to the worn out foam can take the cushion back to shape. If the foam inside is only damaged a little, then add layers of foam at the bottom and top. Make sure that you shape it well as well. You may also use cotton batting, but for best results go with foam. you Can also Buy Cushions after Some times when you feel that cushion is sagging.

Use plywood:

One of the most sought after and easiest ways to prevent cushion couches from sinking is to use plywood. Take the measurement of the cushion and then cut a firm plywood piece of the measurements. Place them between the cushion and the sofa. This can help to disperse the weight from the sinking center to the edges of the cushions. However, this is not the best or the most comfortable solution that is out there to prevent the cushions from sagging and neither is it permanent. It can only be sought as a quick fix.

Discourage children from jumping on the couch:

A common problem that every household faces is that children tend to jump on couches causing them to damage easily and sometimes permanently. Letting children jump over it can cause the couches to wear down fast.

Act quickly:

It is very wise and necessary to act on any sagging issues as soon as you notice the problem. If you are able to fix any sagging issues as they occur, you can save a lot of time and money than if you wait for it to become a major problem.

Sometimes, no matter how much attention you give to couch cushions, time will have its effect on couches and it is natural that couches start to sag. Before using any of the ways to fix the sagging issue, carefully check the sofa to see if the problem is confined to the cushions alone and it is not caused by the sofa frame. If you think it is the problem by the sofa frame, well you may need to consult a professional.

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