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Cushions and Bolsters: Ideas to decorate your bedroom and living room

In home décor furnishing, cushions and bolsters have a special place and they are one of the most sought after and must have items in home decor shopping. It would be difficult to find a place or furniture that does not have any use of cushions. Not only can they add beauty and color wherever they are used, they can also improve the functionality and comfort aspects.

Most home furnishing stores suggest that there is nothing cushions or bolsters cannot do in making your home look better and colorful. They serve many purposes like adding colors to your room, they can be used to sleep on, to sit, and relax on them and they can be used to support your back while you recline to watch favorite shows or read a book. You Can also Buy Cushion or Bolsters Online from Our Home Furnishing Store. Wehave variety of Designer Bolsters and Cushions which will make your Bedroom amd Living Room Better. Transform your bedroom to look better with cushions and bolsters.

Tips to Decorate Bedroom with Bolsters and Cushions

Stack pillows and bolsters:

Velvet Bolster onlineUsually in the bed, you have two large pillows that you use to sleep on. Apart from that, use many different cushions and bolsters along with them. Make sure that you select cushions and bolsters that are of different colors keeping in mind that the colors go well with the theme color of your master bedroom. Selecting different cushion cover design patterns can make the arrangement look much better. The only thing to keep in mind is that, all these must only add to the elegance of the bedroom but not dominate the actual theme of the room. Buy Designer Bolsters Online from our Jodhaa Store.

Use one long bolster on the bed:

Using a single long bolster pillow can improve the look and feel of the room instantly. The only thing of which you have to take care is the color patterns and theme of the room. Any décor furnishing you do without considering the theme and the color patterns of the room can spoil the entire décor furnishing efforts. While you make additions with bolsters, you need to keep the palette consistent and clean or the entire arrangement can go wrong.

Use different shapes and sizes:

Having same shapes and sizes for bolsters and cushions can make the bedroom look repetitive. Hence brining in many varieties in this department can make the bedroom look better and pleasantly unpredictable. Bolsters and cushions that have different shapes, sizes and colors can do wonders to lift the quality and atmosphere of your room. The only important thing you need to take care is the color pattern that you use for these. Let them sync and support each other than taking over.

Make your living room better with cushions and bolsters

If you think you have run out of options to decorate your living room, well this is something you should really look at.

Do not match cushions with your couch:

Most of the times when you buy a couch, you get cushions that have the exact same patterns, designs and colors of the couch. This is really a bad idea to use the same thing. It is an old concept that matching items can make your room look great. It is not so and the repetitive feel actually can induce a feel of boredom. In the modern times, we are trying to become less boring as much as possible. So make sure that you throw away the cushion covers that come with the couch and get new ones that are colorful and complement the theme and the color pattern of your room.

Use as many cushions as possible:

Cushion in VelvetThis important factor can affect the entire room. You must use multiple cushions on your couch. If you want to get a more traditional lounge-like room, you can go with an even number of cushions with deep color palettes and patterns. Buy Deep Colour Palettes and Patterns Cushions Online from Jodhaa Store.

Using odd number of cushions at your couch can give a contemporary and modern look. Numbers can play a big role in making the room look better or worse. Also, while deciding the number of cushions and bolsters that you want to use in your living room couch, consider the size of the couch as it is important not to crowd the couch with too many bolsters and cushions.

Use different combinations of cushions and bolsters until you get the best combination:

Do not stick with a single combination of cushions and bolsters all the time. Experiment and find the perfect fit for your room, couch and the occasion. This will help you to have a different feel and expression for your living room. Also, this can make your home look fresh and warm at different occasions when a lot of guests may be pouring in.

Making a beautiful living room to sit in, relax and enjoy is everyone's dream. The time and effort you spent to make the house of your dreams is worth every bit of it.


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