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3 Secrets to Ensure Your New House Really is Your Dream Home

22 Dec 2014


We all have that one image of our dream home. Huge sprawling gardens, gigantic rooms, walk-in closets and what not! While looking for a home, we do try to incorporate as many of our home fantasies as we can and while not all of them come true, it's a good feeling to know that our dreams can almost come true. Our mental checklist while looking out for a dream home is pretty much in place but here are a list of things that you must specifically watch out for while house hunting to ensure that your dream home is not just a living space but also a key to happiness.

Good homes build great relationships:Home is where we want to head when we experience extremes. Extremely tired? Head home to rest! Extremely sick? Head home and let your man pamper you! While buying a home it's important that you keep these emotions in mind. A house is not just meant to be a place where you go after a long hard day; rather it's the place where you go to, to be happy. A good home located in a smart neighbourhood won't just make you the envy of your friends but also ensure that you and your family are truly happy.

Outdoors make a home as much as the indoors: The location of your home is as important as the home itself. While choosing an ideal location make sure you consider the surrounding areas. Ensure that your home looks out to a bright and sunny neighbourhood instead of other building or dumps. Apart from spoiling the view, these are just breeding grounds for illness. 

Also ensure that the place is not too far away from your office premises. Cutting down on the commute time will give you enough opportunity to make the most of the amenities around your home and spend some quality time with your family.

While choosing, make sure that you have basic amenities like a grocery shop, a medical shop and an ATM around your home. Amenities like a huge garden, swimming pool and gyms are almost like a basic. For working parents make sure your home has a good crèche or a day school nearby so that you can be assured that your child is safe.

Come back to a greener home:‘What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.' These pearls of wisdom by W. H. Davies are more relevant than we care to realise. Ensure that your dream home is not just all concrete and cement. Have a small nook that looks out to the gardens where you can sit and read and dream. Make sure your children have sufficient play space to run around and explore. You and your man can go for a walk in the garden and look out to the stars on a regular week night to relieve your stress and worries. Make sure that the home you buy is in fact what your dreams are made of.




Source- idiva


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