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Colorful cushions, shade your home like a rainbow

24 Dec 2014

There is no doubt that cushions and throw-pillows can add great beauty and charm to any room instantly. In fact, it is one of the most used ideas in home décor and furnishing and it would be difficult to find houses without cushions. They not only make sitting very comfortable but also they can add great variety and uniqueness to home furnishing as well. One of the advantages of using cushions as a home furnishing item is that they are small and one can easily bring any type of cushion design to it.

You can use many types of cushions to add convenience and comfort to your home. For instance, a large cushion can be used to make sitting down on the ground comfortable. Sometimes, you can use cushions to sleep on them. You can also use cushions to color your home and room pretty well.

Following are some of the coolest ways you can use to change your home to a true rainbow

Use vibrant and solid color cushions:

Using cushions with solid and vibrant colors can make your bed or sofa look great. While you use solid color cushions, make sure that the bed or sofa has complementing and supporting colors as well. Having two mismatched colors for the sofa or bed and its cushion can spoil the entire fun.

Never forget your couch:

Before you go for cushion covers online shopping, study the type of sofa that you have and the color of the same. Do some study on what combination of colors can go well with your sofa's color. Then make your final decision regarding the cushion color and go for the cushion cover designs patterns you think are the best for your home.

Use intelligent combination of Red, Black and White:

The combination of these three colors can do wonders for your room if used in pillows and cushions. It can easily brighten up the ambience and add special accent to the entire room. While using these colors as a combination, you need to make sure that the color of the wall and the lighting fixtures that you use on your room support to make them look better and stunning.

Make use of natural palette:

However modern we claim and act to be, we all belong to nature and there is nothing that is not inspired by nature. Wisely using the combination of colors like brown, green and yellow can brighten up a bed or sofa with a solid tan accent for sure and these simple natural colors will simply be a sheer treat to anyone's eyes.

Your bed can use colorful cushions as well:

Bed cover set with square patchThis one may confuse you, but using colorful cushions can add fun and a feel of adventure to your bed. As you would know, you have two pillows that you sleep on, on the bed and besides you can also use cushions to prop yourself up on them. You can use any number of cushions that you would want, but make sure that their colors go well with the pillow and the bed spread colors.

On cushions for kids:

Kids love colors and the cushions you want your kids to use must flaunt great colors that can make kids happy and lively. Using a wide variety of different colors on kid's cushions would make kids love the cushion and they will tend to play more with them. Also, paying with different shapes like heart and star can further make kids gladder.

Do not miss your reading room:

If you happen to be one of those bookworms who love to recline and relax while you read a book, cushions are a must to give you the much needed back-support. Does having cushions in the reading room mean that they do not deserve any color? Wrong, they do. It may not be the most crowded room of your house, but make sure that you use enough color to light the room up while you enjoy your books.

Contrast is more beautiful than we ever thought:

You may not have thought about this and many people do not. Everyone thinks that contrast in any form has to set aside from home décor furnishing, but it is a wrong notion that people have. If you ever plan to use colors to make your home look better, contrast is something you have to use creatively to harness the best outcome. Being creative is the key to making use of contrast to make your home look colorful and better.

Using cushions to color your home is one of the coolest home furnishing ideas. What makes cushions so popular is that you can do anything with a cushion making it very unpredictable and very different from most other average home décor ideas and themes.


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