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10 ways to mix and match bedcovers and cushions

26 Dec 2014

Not sure where to start when it comes to mixing and matching bedcovers and cushions? Take a look at these 10 great tips!

1. In season With the warmer weather coming, you'll be changing your linen to combat sticky nights, so give your winter bedding a wash and a good airing. Choose natural fibres to regulate body temperature - linen, in particular, is a cool choice as it's lightweight, durable and available in an array of colours.

2. On trend Look out for art-inspired bed designs. "This is a very eclectic, modern direction for us," says Mark Travers, head designer at Sheridan. "Demand for this trend is getting stronger as people feel more comfortable with having a design made from pure unconstructed colour in their homes."

3. Pillow talk How many cushions does a bed need? The classic look: two Euro pillows, two standard pillowcases and one or two accent cushions. Of course, it's entirely up to you, but if you ask us Euro pillows and accent cushions are reading-in-bed essentials.

4. Back to basics Plain Euro pillows can form a visual resting point to counter patterned pillowcases and cushions; you can swap this mix around as long as there is a solid tonal element. As for some pattern, you can't go past stripes - a ticking stripe bedcover with matching pillowcases creates a beachy vibe.

5. Graphic design If you want to add a graphic hit to your bed but aren't sure how much is too much, start with plain sheets, and limit your patterned elements to fall within this colour palette. For a timeless and balanced look, feature pattern on the standard pillowcases, accent cushions and bedcover.

6. Colour crush Sorbet pastel tones are perfect for summer. Choose sheets in a light shade, and layer in richer colours; try lemon, watermelon pink and wisteria for a feminine look. If this seems sickly sweet, work this palette into pillowcases, cushions or a bedcover instead.

7. Grid lock Calling all monochromatic lovers out there! Crisp white sheets may be a dream but to add some depth, think detailing and texture. Give your bed an on-trend geometry lesson with grid pillowcases and a matching bedcover. Contrast with accent cushions featuring an organic-shaped motif or in a shade of grey.

8. Pattern play Choose three different patterns, one small, one medium motif and one large-scale design. Don't make the mistake of choosing bedding with the same-sized pattern - this would be too busy. By varying the size and repetition of your patterns, you'll form a look that's layered and interesting.

9. Material mix The easiest way to create an inviting bed is to layer it up with quilts and cushions. With summer on the way though, you'll need to approach this differently. Pare it right back - quality sheets (percale cotton with a thread count of 300 is a great place to start) with breathable cotton or linen bedcovers on top.

10. Money matters If your bed needs a complete style makeover, invest on a quality sheet set in a tone you love, and a plush bedcover, as you'll want one that lasts. You can afford to spend less on your decorative cushions as they can change with each season.



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