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40 Best Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Home
Part - 1

6 Feb 2015

One of the hardest facts about owning a home is that you can’t always afford how expensive your décor taste is! There are ways to cut corners, and still get fantastic ideas for your home.  Wouldn’t you love to find ways in your everyday life to save money and get wonderful décor ideas? Here are 40 of the best money saving décor ideas for your home. Best in this article means – everyday resources that are available to you – and easy for you to execute.

1. Use free sources around you: From magazines, the internet, to satellite home & garden programs the world is at your fingertips for décor ideas.  Peruse through magazines, and home décor books to get a sense of what your taste is.  Visit home improvement stores and collect paint and material samples to start making an “idea” folder of what inspires you. Determine what your personal style is. Is it: Vintage, Modern, Bohemian, French Country, choose your style and start planning!

2. Determine your budget BEFORE you begin: Let’s face it, if you didn’t have a budget your home would be already complete, and you wouldn’t need these money saving tips.  Everyone needs to set a budget to have boundaries on your wallet and your home! Once you’ve set one, buy a few major pivotal pieces to center the theme of your room around.  Then use thrift shops and department store clearance areas to fill in with gorgeous accessories.

3. Start at the front door/entry: When guests walk in your home they should get a sense of your style instantly. Maximize a foyer space without over cluttering. Try using a chest or decorative baskets to house keys or mail. Add a decorative touch by adding a mirror and foyer sized table for resting flowers, and accessories to pull your guests into your home. The mirror will open up your foyer and reflect the gorgeous décor of the space. Save money by using vases and decorative urns from other areas of your home that already exist.


4. Maximize your existing furniture: Consider re-upholstering furniture with updated colored and styled materials. Slip covers offer a quick and easy solution for changing out furniture for different seasons and or occasions. Re-finish wood furniture or use a fresh coat of paint on headboards and mirror frames.  Try using online planning tools to play around with different colors and options before you take the plunge!

5. Redesign your furniture layout: Believe it or not, your space can look dramatically different just by moving the furniture! Find a new focal point – like a fireplace, an outdoor view, an accent wall with a television, and move your furniture to compliment it.  Consider bringing pieces from other rooms of your home. By removing some furniture you can get a more open space, and the room may function better. Professional re-designers do this every day, why don’t you try, it’s totally FREE!

6. Paint a room or accent wall with a bold color: Paint is the most affordable decorating tool you have, so go for it! Paint an accent wall in a contrasting or complementing color to your furniture.  Don’t know how to decide on colors? Ask your home improvement store to mix quart or sample sizes for you.  This way you can try it before you take the plunge.

Rather than fill your precious space with big storage units, look around to see how you can make use of existing nooks and niches. In my own home, I looked at the stairway and thought, Wouldn't it be great if those were stacked drawers? So I removed the risers, supported each tread with brackets, and then installed custom drawers with a simple pull for each stair. It's nearly invisible and a perfect place to hide shoes.

7. Use accessories to bring a new look to furniture: Use throw pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs to give your ‘old’ room a new look and feel.  Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, look at what colors you haven’t tried before.  Try a new color palette and mix and match patterns and solids.  These accessories are inexpensive and can be changed on a whim.  Have a worn area on the floor? Cover it with a funky new area rug – instantly and cheaply you solved a décor dilemma.

9. Make wall treatments from everyday materials: Windows can get an added decorative touch with wall treatments.  Inexpensive ones can be made with do it yourself home kits, and a sewing machine.  Everyday materials such as sheets, linen, and many man-made fibers that resemble expensive silks and organza are also available.  No one will know that you cut corners to adorn your windows with beautiful drapery, curtains or valances.

10. Accessorize your bathroom with affordable décor: Towels, shower curtains/rods, and bath mats are easy and inexpensive ways to bring color and a theme to a boring bathroom.  Consider changing the theme of the bathroom with paint and add a new color palette for your new bath linen to match.

11. Search online classifieds and garage sales for cheap finds: Craigslist, Backpages and other online classifieds can be a great treasure chest for some.  Also check college newspapers and apartment bulletin boards. Areas where there’s a high turnover of people moving in and out are great finds for furniture, décor, and small appliances.

12. Do your homework when shopping: Often home décor items are bought on a whim which is alright for the occasional item. For furniture and long time investment pieces you will save more money buying quality once that lasts, rather than junk that you have to replace 10 times! Compare prices, shop online deals, and don’t forget to shop department store clearance areas.

13. Use natural ingredients for an eye catching centerpiece: The next time you are in the grocery store; don’t overlook the produce section to add color to your home. Lemons, limes, apples, oranges make great centerpieces in a beautiful vase or aligned in a modern horizontal platter. Add these with glass marbles and tall greenery to make a statement on a foyer table.

14. Splurge on big impact décor: When buying decorative pieces for your home, use the majority of your money on items that will make a huge statement.  A full length framed mirror that rests against the wall will have a wow factor right away. While spending that same amount on a few décor items that go on a bookshelf may get lost in the context of books, and your money is essentially “wasted”.

15. Create table scapes to match the season: Create mini collages of decorative items on your buffet, dining room, and sofa tables to bring the outdoors in.  Whether it is decorative seashells and rocks displayed in glass jars, or pine cones and evergreen in bountiful baskets, table scapes are fun and cost pennies to make.

16. Update the plumbing fixtures: Your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures are décor “accessories” of your sinks and showers! Instead of replacing an entire countertop, try changing out the fixtures for more modern or more ornate ones. By changing the metal finish you can introduce a new wow factor. Copper, brushed chrome, and brushed bronze all have beautiful patinas.

17. Faux painting wall techniques deliver a wow factor: Painting has come a long way over the years. Faux painting techniques can make your walls look like suede, leather, stucco, or even denim! An inexpensive way to bring ambiance to your space is by using a faux wall technique.  Visit your painting store, to see what new textures and varieties you have to choose from.

18. Door pulls and handles can change your cabinets: Don’t have money to get all new cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom? Install new door pulls and handles to give a new look to a previously boring or out-of-date door pull.  Want a pulled together look? Match your plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and door pulls with the same metal. This ties all the elements together beautifully!

19. Do it yourself and save: Long gone are the days when do-it-yourself projects were only for crafts people and those handy with power tools! Online tutorials, You Tube, satellite television DIY networks and the internet – the world of home improvement is at your fingertips. Pick a project and get started! Save money and design/build it yourself.

20. Don’t forget your local home improvement store: You can learn a lot from the home improvement store around the corner.  Most stores have hands-on learning workshops that provide free lessons on home décor projects.  From tiling your backsplash in your kitchen to installing crown molding, these workshops can make your home look like professionals did your home improvements projects.



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