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40 Best Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Home
Part - 2

6 Feb 2015

1. Can’t afford wallpaper? How about these ideas: Use your creativity and add an heirloom quilt or other everyday items such as decorative dishes on your wall.  Use wall stickers and decals to give a decorative touch without the fuss of hanging wallpaper. Wall murals that use up an entire wall can transform your space into nature, space, or city scapes with a few easy steps.

2. Save money and plan ahead with the proper tools when shopping: Trying to find a new couch or table? When purchasing large pieces of furniture, measure out the space in your home first.  Don’t eyeball it, and hope it fits when you see that perfect piece in the store. You will save time and money in the long run. Carry a tape measure with you to measure the piece in the store too!

3. Use your family’s artwork/collectibles as art: Shadow boxes are a wonderful way to display your kid’s artwork, camp projects, and sports medals/awards around your home.  Instead of throwing them in a drawer, choose ones that have lots of color and display them on a contrasting color wall. Frame milestone memorabilia and see the pride your kids will take in having their work displayed. Cheap for you, priceless for the family.

4. Don’t underestimate using mirrors in your décor: Mirrors have reinvented themselves in the last few years in the design world, and they are bigger than ever in home décor. For cheap décor ideas visit your local craft store and buy inexpensive mirrors to use as mosaic pieces on furniture, or picture frames. Make your own frames for larger mirrors and customize the look to hang in kid’s rooms or in your bathroom.

5. Reface kitchen and bathroom cabinets: Replacing cabinetry can be expensive. To get a whole new look by spending half of the money, consider refacing. Refacing will apply a veneer to the exterior of the cabinetry boxes.  New doors will be applied to give your kitchen or bathroom an updated look and it saved you money in the process.

6. Use decorative furniture to hide clutter: Furniture that has removable tops, like ottomans and movable sofa cubes are a great way to hide CD’s, gaming supplies, and kid’s toys.  Decorative baskets and storage furniture are a nice way to collect your necessary items, and still keep the integrity of the space.

7. New ways to refinish hardwood floors: For a new look paint or use a different color stain on your floor. Visit your home improvement store to see what products are made for pre-finished floors.  This cost saving tip will give your hard wood floors new life, and change the entire décor of your home.

8. Add visual interest to kid’s room: Children’s rooms can be expensive to decorate.  For creative and cheap wall ideas consider using chalkboard paint and stencils.  Chalkboard paint can be mixed into any color and when used with stencils can give a custom look for your kids! Paint a whole wall, or paint their favorite animals and sporting goods for hours of fun later.

9. Bring the outdoors inside: Use natural products like wood, seagrass, jute, hemp and greenery to make your indoors alive with color, texture and richness. Inspiration can come from magazines, online sites or your own backyard! Collect rocks and arrange in a decorative vase with fresh flowers and greenery. Seagrass furniture is eco-friendly and very durable. Running water fountains can bring serenity to your space as well.

10. Opt for laminates instead of the real thing: Laminate wood flooring has been manufactured and delivered in a more believable look and feel in today’s home décor. If hardwood is pricey for your wallet consider using laminate. Visit a flooring or home improvement store to get educated on the pros and cons of laminate flooring. Get the expensive look for a fraction of hardwood prices.

11. Dress up your fireplace: The fireplace in a room is naturally the focal point of a space.  To inexpensively decorate your fireplace take cues from your existing furnishings and style. For a rustic fireplace with stones and bricks, consider natural fibers and wood derived décor on the mantle. For sleek and contemporary fireplaces that don’t have a mantle sit an urn filled with bamboo or reeds to the side of the fireplace for an asymmetrical composition.

12. Thrift stores can help you adopt a Bohemian décor style: Do you love mixing and matching different colors, patterns, and styles? Eclectic styles are wonderful because they have no boundaries. Thrift stores can help you find inexpensive treasures to decorate with. Try mixing different colored dinnerware for an original twist to a dinner table setting. Find similar color families, or go bold. Either way, it’s all about embracing your décor style and saving money!

13. Give your lighting a makeover: Lamps and lighting can make or break a space.  By buying new lampshades you can give an old boring lamp new life.  If you have a custom color palette in your home, make your own lampshade! They have kits that you can pick your coordinating fabric and embellish it with ornamentation, ribbon, etc… Visit your local craft and hobby store and see how many choices you have to choose from, or be adventurous and create one from scratch.

14. Decorate with artifacts from past vacations and travels: If you are a lover of travel and bringing back home décor items, use those items proudly around your home. An empty corner could house an expensive piece of furniture, or tucked in a closet may be an artisan artifact from your trip to Tahiti that you didn’t know where to put it! Jewelry put in shadow boxes or used as framed art is beautiful for display.

15. Decorate your bathroom with outdoor inspiration: The spa inspired bathroom is a sought after feel that can be achieved inexpensively with natural woods, subtle colors, fluffy towels, and river rock. Arrange a basket of river rock on the bottom of a beautiful basket with pampering bath gels, soaps and sponges to give the look of a luxury day spa without hurting your wallet.

16. Dress up your bed inexpensively: Do you like the look of a streamlined box spring cover without using fussy dust ruffles? Try this do it yourself trick: Take a fitted sheet in a matching or coordinating color and use it instead of a dust ruffle. Buy a duvet cover to put your warn out comforter inside. This will make your bed look new without spending a lot for the look.

17. Have a decorating party: When moving into a new home the first instinct is to invite all your family and friends over to celebrate, right? Why not host a decorating party instead of a housewarming party?  Choose what your color and style is and head to your favorite décor store.  Similar to wedding registries, many stores have a wish list registry. This way when you send out invitations, your guest can pick something to buy for your new place. At your party you can have them help decorate and you just saved money in the process.

18. Prioritize your wants over your needs when it comes to décor: When you are saving money, the idea of decorating your home can be overwhelming and every room seems like it needs something.  Determine what rooms need the most focus first. If you entertain or spend most of your time in the kitchen and dining area – this becomes your focus. Instead of decorating all the bedrooms and it’s only two of you living at your home.

19. Prioritize your wants over your needs when it comes to décor: When you are saving money, the idea of decorating your home can be overwhelming and every room seems like it needs something.  Determine what rooms need the most focus first. If you entertain or spend most of your time in the kitchen and dining area – this becomes your focus. Instead of decorating all the bedrooms and it’s only two of you living at your home.

20. Bring the indoors out to your porch: Décor is finding a larger presence outdoors as inside the home. Outdoor furniture now resembles furniture you would have in your living room. For cheap décor outdoors buy weatherproof area rugs and seat cushions to spruce up the porch. Rattan, wicker, and seagrass work wonderfully outdoors. There are also wicker resin material furniture that resembles the real thing, but stands up to the elements better and is cheaper than traditional wicker.

You love your home and what better way to show it then to decorate with your own personal style? Use these 40 tips to help you save money and make your home the palace that you dream of in your head.




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