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Use these 20 money saving decorating ideas for your home

23 Feb 2015

Everyone would love home décor furnishing but the expenses that come with decorating a home are bewildering to anyone thinking about home decoration. Never be disheartened if finance puts your desire to decorate your home in the backseat. There are a myriad of ways in which you can decorate your home without having to spend a fortune.

Following are a collection of great ideas that will help you make use of various everyday items that you use at home to decorate your home the way you would love.

1. Do a thorough homework before shopping: There are numerous cases where people buy something thinking that it would fix and go in a particular room and when they get back, they are at a loss as it does not simply fit the way thought. This can waste a lot of your hard earned money. So, the first rule in economic home decorating is to carry out a through homework before you visit any of the home furnishing stores. Also make sure that you have the scales of each your rooms.

2. Use accessories: There is nothing better than using throw pillows, rugs and throw blankets to make your old rooms look much better. You can select from a myriad of cushion designs to beautify your home. Besides, they can be cheap as well. If you have been thinking lately to change the furniture, consider changing the accessories that you have on the furniture. Change the upholsteries and use colors that you have not tried before. This can save you serious money and make your home look newer at the same time.

3. Sweep online classified such as OLX and Quickr: Since people have tendency to sell off old furniture, these can be a great treasure for some excellent items. Pay enough attention while buying; you do not want to get bad items either.

4. Spend more on large impact décor furnishing: While buying items or your home, it is always advised that you set aside more about to buy things that make great impact of the looks than spending on costly tiny things that cannot make great impact on the overall home décor.

5. Vacuuming and washing: it may not be the best way to furnish your home, but it has the ability to keep the home and its décor items clean and shining like new.

6. Design a focal point: This is very advantage as it can draw attention immediately from people. It does not have to be a costly vase; anything that is unique and has individuality can do the trick.

7. Set a budget and try to stick to it. Most people do not do that and this can lead them into trouble as there is no capping of expenditure until the entire fund is exhausted.

8. Go unconventional s another trick that will help you save a lot of money. When you do not have to follow the normal patterns of decoration, then you can save a lotof money.

9. Sell off old furniture things that take a lot of valuable space. You can with the money that you get, buy some decorative item and make your home look much better and spacious.

10. Try different locations for furniture occasionally. This can give the house a fantastic new look.

11. Take some furniture from other rooms and place it in the living room.

12. It is an excellent idea to reface the bathroom and kitchen cabinets as it can make them look newer and better. One must do it once in a year for must.

13. If you have any old and un-used furniture, revive them by giving them a nice paintjob and place them where it can make a great impact on the home décor.

14. There is nothing as good as colors to add great look and feel to your home. If it is expensive and time consuming to paint the entire house, pick living room. It can be really refreshing.

15. Having plants inside the house is a brilliant idea that can add great character to the entire home décor. Make sure that the plant goes well with the background or create a pseudo-background for the plant.

16. If you have a lot of framed photographs, then arrange them randomly on a wall to give a unique look and way to cherishyour best moments in the past.

17. Change the pillow covers and other accessories that you use in your living room. Strike a balance on how you want to use each color for each day. This can make the room look different and better every day.

18. When buying stuff, look for things that have multiple uses, for instance, a table that provides space for storage as well.

19. Pick the right color: Color can make or break the entire home décor. So make sure that you have a clear idea of what color you want to use and where.

20. Never purchase anything for the sake of it or because the price fits. This can only inflate your budget without adding any value to the entire décor setting.

While price can be a constraint for many people for better home décor furnishing, many DIY ideas can produce much better cheaper and unique home décor furnishing solutions for your homes.


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