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How make your living room look beautiful?

25 Feb 2015

Living room undoubtedly is the place that gets most attention from your friends, relatives and other visitors. As a result, the importance of living room in home décor furnishing cannot be overlooked. While you may try to go more formal and playful with other rooms in your house, living room has to pack the best décor items of your home.

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Following are some of the ideas that you can use to decorate your living room.

Paint them white: For those who may not appreciate painting the living room white, you may not get a better color than white to make your home look stunning even without any décor items. White has the ability to project any object that is placed against it. So if you are planning to stuff your living room with a lot of items, you start by painting your living room white.

Go random: Gone are the days when you want to keep everything in an array and now random is the new style. Keeping items random can make you never feel bored looking at the same thing. For example, if you have a showcase and you have things placed according to its size, your brain is smart enough to remember what comes after what. On the other hand, if they are randomly placed, you cannot possibly remember the uneven pattern giving a fresh feel.

Break the rules: There are so-called rules that say that you should not mix some items with some other items. However, if you think that goes well in your living room, then you must go with it. Sometimes, going off the normal trail can get you the best results in home décor. If you want to make your living room look excellent and unique, going against the conventional thoughts is where you start achieving it.

Mix styles:One of the best ideas to make your living room stay uniquethese days is to mix styles. You can mix old decorating styles with new ones, formal ones with casuals ones and neutral to give the most unique look for your living room. While making such arrangements, it is important that you do not mix anything bizarre to kill the very essence of your living room. Doing this after a bit of homework can give you better results than ever.

Use the furniture well:One of the accessories that you want to use wisely in a living room is the furniture. Furniture is an important aspect of living room without which the living room decoration is incomplete. Choosing the right furniture and the number is where the secret lies in. Before making the purchase or visiting any of the home furnishing stores to buy furniture to be installed in your living room, make sure that you have enough space for the ones that you buy and they will fit where you want them to. Having a thorough understanding of what to be placed where can help you save money and the space of your living room as well. You can also beautify the furniture by incredible cushion designs.

Curtains for windows: What can probably add more beauty to the window panes than a pair of beautifully knitted curtains? If you consider avoiding curtains for your living room, it is suggested that you do not.You can get it easily from any of the stores for home furnishing pretty easily. They are a beautiful lot, affordable and multifunctional apart from adding great beauty and character to the room. If used effectively, they can help regulate the temperature of your room as well. All that you must do is to use them in resonance with the color of the window pane. You will be surprised to see how well people will receive them and appreciate you for having used them.

Capitalize on the walls: if you have big blank wall, make it a gallery. You do not have to have pricey paintings from painting legends like Da Vinci, but make sure that you have some framed photographs of yours or some art pieces worth showcasing in different sizes. Hang them on the wall randomly and there you go. You will have a great gallery in your living room and you can revisit some of your old memories at times.

While these are only suggestions that you can try while making your living room look better and beautiful, the first rule of any home décor is to understand that there really are no rules here.It’s your home and you make the rules for you.



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