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Perfect Bed Sheets: How to choose?

15 April 2015

Are you looking for perfect designer bed sheets that add a luxurious spark to your comfortable lifestyle?

As you spend almost one third of your life in bed, shouldn't you love the sheets you're wrapped up in? Don't you wonder how to pick the best bed sheets?

Perfect designer bed sheets are a truly valuable and beneficial investment. Just as the right blanket or duvet provides the perfect warmth for your cozy cocoon, the right sheets provide a comforting layer against your skin. Going through a silky set of sheets is comparatively inexpensive luxury, while low-priced bargain bedding gives a fake economy.

P.S- Under the given unpleasant sleep environment.

Designer bed sheets come in single and double just to suit your lifestyle.

A perfect designer bed sheet can simply be termed as a big piece of cotton or linen cloth, which comes in direct contact with the body while sleeping. Everyone designs and decorates their bed and bedroom in such a way that, unique and aesthetic comes out to be the perfect words to describe them. Back in the day, the bed sheets are available in only white color and served as the utility item only. But now, designer bed sheets come in a huge domain of colors and serve the purpose of utility item as well as the role of decoration.

Designer Bed sheet

Now-a-days the choices of the color, design, size and type have become an important factor, along with other factors like:

Thread count:
Thread count depicts to the quantity of threads woven into a square inch of the sheet's fabric. Search for a minimum of 200, but no higher than 600 as anything over 600 is uneasy to trap body heat.

Those sheets which plunge within the thread count sweet spot of 280 to 400 will have a smooth, soft, absorbent and breathable feel. They'll wear better and shrink less, meaning you'll replace them less often than their cheaper counterparts. Good news is they're widely available at all pricing budgets.

Traditionally, most sheets on the market came in cotton and … cotton. And it’s still the most popular sheeting fabric, because of its durability, comfort and breathability. Today also, Cotton is considered the go-to sheet-set fiber because of its feature.

Designer Bed sheet

It's not the end as Cotton comes in different qualities:-

  • Egyptian cotton is the ne plus ultra of bed linens. It produces durable, luxuriously soft sheets.
  • Sea Island cotton is grown only in the West Indies, parts of Georgia and the Carolinas. It's silky, white and considered by fabric aficionados to be the best in the world.
  • Pima or Supima cotton is American-grown and known for its high quality.
  • 100 per cent cotton is a catchall term for non-premium cotton.
  • Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and is a great choice for eco-friendly consumers. Sheets made of organic cotton are carried by an increasing number of shops and can be found online.
  • Bamboo blends have become more popular in recent years, often blended with cotton or other materials. Because bamboo is sustainable and naturally antimicrobial, and sips up moisture, it’s well worth considering and easy to take care of.
  • Modal is a soft, durable fibre made from beech pulp, often blended with cotton.
  • Silk is a warm and luxurious material for winter sheets, but it's not suitable for summer months. Don't forget to wash and dry your silk sheets using the delicate cycle.
  • Linen sheets, which work well in hot climates because they wick away body heat, are another option. Just be prepared to do a lot of ironing, unless you like the wrinkled look. Although satin sheets look glam and feel romantic, they can be too warm and slippery for many people.
  • Synthetics such as polyester, acrylic and rayon are best avoided. They don't absorb moisture or breathe well. They tend to feel less crisp or smooth than cotton and they can pill and cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

The eco-friendly cotton, bamboo and rayon blend wears a low-key graphic pattern that would fall right in step with a contemporary space.

You can also check out various material designer bed sheets with cover sets.

Crisp or soft? If you like your sheets with a little snap, choose percale, which is a plainer weave than the more supple sateen. Neither is inherently better; it’s a matter of personal preference. Weaving plays an important role in selecting the perfect designer bed sheets for your home decor.

Like Materials, Bed sheet weaves too comes in different qualities:-

  • Jersey which you probably think of as T-shirt sheets — are made with a flat knit which not only keeps them soft but it also means they can be prone to slipping and sliding on the bed.
  • And if you live somewhere that gets extremely cold, and then consider nubby cotton Flannel sheets as they are perfect for winter.
  • Percale sheets in a bright, playful print wake up a bed dressed otherwise in classic white.
  • Sateen sheets used on higher thread count sheets; sateen has a lustrous sheen, but can become an obstacle easily, affecting its appearance over time.
  • Jacquard: Jacquard fabrics feature patterns woven in using special looms, Jacquard sheets can be pricey. Damask and brocade are two examples of jacquards.

Jodhaa Home Furnishing, India has been bringing these exquisite products to its customers and today it is a strong link between the artisans and the various consumers to provide world class creativity into homes.

Jodhaa has a reputation of being one of the finest innovators specializing in home furnishings and has the strength to create world class products in small quantities so the product remains exclusive and unique to its customer base.

We have a solid clientele who choose Jodhaa products to highlight their homes. Each season Jodhaa offers a new collection with colors, designs, and quality in sync with the world markets but showcasing traditional skills of the artisans from various states in India.

The main products are bedspread sets, bedcovers, quilts , razais , dohars with co-ordinated pillow and/or cushion covers , carpets , table runners , cushions and bolsters with co-ordinated table mats and wall hangings.. All products are hand crafted and individually embroidered or printed and are usually in cottons, brocades, silk and velvets.

Getting you the right choice of perfect bed sheet is our prime motive. So do get in touch for a whole new range and meaning to exclusive home furnishings.

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