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Home Decor - A Modish living towards lifestyle!

30 April 2015

If you want to make ideal dream home, then you should opt for your favorite home style. Give a thought about some decorations that will be centre point in your interior design and will break the boredom. It can be tough to keep up the trends with Home Decor.

So why not select out of the latest and greatest, and choose timeless home decor style over passing fads?

Nowadays, because of the increase in global travel, the submission to international trends i.e. fashion, interiors, furniture etc – has exceeded. Today people demand an elegant look and a different feel in their homes. Increased visitors at international fairs have led to far greater exposure to latest styles and trends.

The trend today is to have a unique, personal, cheerful, and bright with color, rich with texture and varied finishes excluding dull and boring which is obvious. Selecting the right piece for the right space has become the important key to a good interior. For a modish home, the space has to be a fashionable, stylish, modern, comfortable accentuated with elements of design and color.

Importance has been put on blending colors, textures, fabric, and finishes without on the comfort as Being comfortable is the key element. Many pieces also show the possibility for being used differently from time to time by changing the arrangement. It is recommended and encouraged to mix and match which will ultimately create a new and different story all the time. Those days are gone where furniture was bought or sold as a complete set.

With lovely synchronized fabrics the sofas are bright and comfortable. Floral prints and embroidery accommodates them with textured fabrics.

With that, the combination of fabric and leather also works beautifully. Colors like teal, charcoal grey, lavender to purple, subtle metallic hues are very much an ‘in’ thing. There is a retro feel in some of these pieces. Sizing has to be customized according to the user’s space. The piece has to be of a perfect dimension to fit into the space it has been designed for. Bigger than the usual size cushions also add pockets of colors and exude glamour. The combination of look and comfort has to be the perfect.

Items to Improve your Home Decor

Are you ready to motivate for a seasonal modification in your home? Imagine Rich colors like chocolate brown, zinfandel red, burnt orange and sunflower yellow. Give a touch of bronze hues and rustic accents. You are starting to imagine this warm and cozy home, aren’t you? Well that didn’t take long!

You can easily achieve a seasonal fall look you desire with a few simple changes. And don’t worry; this is not a complete home makeover that will cost you a ton of money or even take a lot of time.

Here are some of the items which can add your home the required Decor and transform it into a new look.

  • Bed sheets
    Beds are the most important feature in a bedroom. They have to be inviting and glamorous. An oversized and upholstered headboard creates a luxurious feel. The beds ideally should have in-built storage capacity to hold extra bed linen.

  • Cushions
    A combination of cushions will change the feeling of a whole room. You can choose to add in a combination of brown tones, burnt oranges and some rich red, or maybe you want to throw in a paisley print and some solid accent pillows. The beauty of pillows is all in the simplicity and comfort.

  • Quilts / Razais
    Smaller quilts can be wrapped over the door of a cupboard. This is perfect for cupboards with windows, since it hides unsightly kitchen supplies or clutter. You can also use a multicolor quilt as a headboard. Attach a hanging sleeve to the upper edge of the quilt, so the quilt can hang straight with little distortion.

  • Carpets
    Carpet being one of the most popular flooring materials, it is soft, warm, and comfortable, and can be relatively simple to maintain in both residential and commercial spaces. Carpets are available in both tiles and rolls, though some carpeting does suffer from staining issues. Carpet also needs to be replaced periodically depending on the level of foot traffic in the area where it is used.

  • Table Runners
    A table runner should hang over each side of the table where the ends fall. This is much more aesthetically pleasing than a runner that stops where the table ends or is slightly shorter than the table. The amount of hang should be equal on both sides and can vary, just like the drop length of a tablecloth. A standard tablecloth drop can be from 6 to 12 inches. If you use a runner with a tablecloth, the drop length should be the same for both.

It is spectacle knowing that drama has been created with the blending of multiple fabrics on a single dining chair. There have been a beautifully coordinated by Plain, floral prints, polka dots, pleating and embroidery, respectively. The fact is that some chairs have as many as three fabrics on a single piece. There is a lot of highlight on items like dining tables, center tables, cabinets, etc by bringing in elements like leafing, colored glass, glossy finishes etc together. Beaten metal and steel are nice to blend with wood. Pure leather or even composite leather is used for cladding and paneling. Consoles and nest of tables can also add touch of glamour.

Nowadays people are far more discerning and demanding. Trends have been changing quickly and it is therefore essential to create a furniture line that is versatile – affordable, functional yet aesthetic – creating living spaces which are both welcoming and fun.

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