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Floral Arrangements: An Elegant Way of Living!

27 April 2015

Your personality is reflected by your interiors of home. That’s the reason why the choice of colors and lighting needs to be carefully chosen. There is no denial about the fact that cosmetic effect is necessary, but a house also needs to look like a home. It is normal to present a bouquet when you meet someone but dried flowers seem to have longer life and can be included as a house warming present. Decoration can be done by using petals, grass, flowers, buds and also nuts. This is certainly a distinctive way of adding style to your interiors. Not to forget about that when dried flowers are used, the arrangement of it needs be innovative and the illumination on the same should be just right.

Oshibana art or the Japanese art of pressed flowers is the aged form. Dried flowers also can be availed for medicinal use showing its multipurpose value. Decorating the house with dried flowers can be traced in the Victorian times. The flowers can be used as a centerpiece. One could also place a bouquet of dried flowers over the shoe rack or the end table.

It can be used if -

  • One has a corner table in the farthermost corner of the house, dried petals of rose or lily along with gleaming marbles or white stones will just bring about more life in the room.
  • One is having a party in the balcony or a typical BBQ party then the arrangement of a lotus or mahogany dried petals seems to charm the entrance of the house.

Different Styles of Flower Arrangements

Broadly, there are three styles of arrangements in the world of floral arrangements. They are:

  • Oriental Flower Arrangements: In this style of arrangement, the prominence is on the Lines in the floral arrangement.

  • Traditional/Western Flower Arrangements: In this style of arrangement, the prominence is on the Use of many flowers as a mass in the floral arrangement.

  •  Modern Flower Arrangements: In this style of arrangement there are no rules at all. The base of these floral arrangements is the taste of the floral designer. But, it is more close to Oriental than Traditional style of arranging flowers in its inclination towards importance to lines.

Dried flowers arrangement is all about releasing its creativity. Elegant styling of furniture with Victorian hints and upholstery can be nostalgic with a combination of mixed items in a potpourri. The fragrance emerging from the potpourri is the result of preservation of the aromatic oils which lasts for months. Use a potpourri of maize, birch pine or sponge mushroom has benefits. Mixing the dried flowers is a careful, yet personal choice. The contrast colors of flower arrangement might just pep the walls and the leaves in pressed form can be scattered casually in a basket.

Also selecting the appropriate vase is important as it forms the base of the arrangement. A gorgeous vase can make even a mediocre arrangement appear stunning. While selecting the dry flowers, it is best to ensure that both the flowers and foliage are of different shapes, colors and textures to give a more interesting arrangement. However, the colors used need to be finely balanced so as not to appear too loud or jarring. Besides, the arrangement should be done in a manner that there is no overcrowding as this can steal the beauty of the end result.

With other floral decorations, Hydrangea flower arrangements are also unique and very beautiful. Large spherical flower heads add fabulous details to flower arrangements and make interior decorating or home staging look impressive, romantic and elegant. These type of flower arrangements can be made with fresh flowers or dried flowers. They look great with many different flowers, large green leaves, branches and all interior decorating materials. Hydrangea flower arrangements are adaptable, flexible and suitable for many interior decorating styles and color schemes.

Fresh flowers have always held a charm with their fragrance and freshness, lending energy to the decor. While their charm cannot be denied, they are not evergreen and this can prove to be quite tiresome at times with their need for periodical change. An alternative flower arrangement with dry flowers is equally attractive especially when it conforms to the season of autumn which is characterized by cold draught and falling leaves.

There are plenty of ways to come up with stunning arrangements with dry flowers, each unique in representation, reflecting abundant creativity. Essentially, an active imagination and a few techniques are required to come up with an arrangement that is both long lasting and enthralling. To begin with, dry flowers are light weight, so it is important to weigh down the container with sand, pebbles or gravel to give stability. If clear containers are used, it is a good idea to use marbles or interesting pebbles, shells. It is important to size down the container to accommodate the arrangement planned. It is however not a good idea to opt for vases with a small mouth as the flower arrangement can get squeezed and lose its appeal.

Types of Flower Arrangements

  • Floral Bouquets: Floral bouquets are easier and simple to gather than a formal flower arrangement. Bouquets made of roses are the most popular, followed by carnations, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums.

  • Table Centerpieces: Table centerpieces are normal floral arrangements, designed to be placed on tables when dinners are hosted on such occasions like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, etc. You can portray a theme for the occasion using a memorabilia or traditional decorations.

  • Floral Baskets: Floral baskets are flower arrangements done in baskets of diverse depths. Flowers for the floral baskets should therefore be chosen on the basis of the depth of the basket. They are very popular as gifts on special occasions like Christmas, Mother's day, etc. Cornucopia is a horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruits and vegetables, which is very popular as a gift on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Floral Wreaths: A floral arrangement in the form of a circular garland, usually woven of flowers and foliage, that traditionally indicates honor or celebration. Wreaths are especially very popular on funerals as a symbol of honoring the deceased. Besides, they are also very much used on occasions like Thanksgiving day and Christmas to welcome the guests as welcome wreaths when dinners are hosted.

Some fundamental designs in making Flower Arrangements

There are three basic impressions for flower arrangements. Each of the flower arrangements are based on one of these flower arrangement designs or attained from them.

  • Line Arrangement of Flowers: Designs which are collected essentially of line material have minimum number of flowers and leaves established in the focal area. The open form highlights the beauty of the plant material. A bare branch, a piece of decorative wood or a pine branch creates a well-defined line design. So the reasonable effect is achieved by adding few flowers and leaves.

  • Mass Arrangement of Flowers: Full, flowing and uniform, an unselfish mixture of flowers arranged in a decorated China vase depicts the mass model design that is so similar to Victorian luxury and style. Generally the mass designs are triangular, oval, and circular or fan shaped.

  • Line-Mass Arrangement of Flowers: Line-Mass creations recruit the use of mass for a greater feeling of depth. Plant material is placed to form an neatly outline and accumulated to create a focal area with moderate changes from line at the edge of the arrangement to horde within the central axis. Line-mass designs have an open form with symmetrical or asymmetrical balance.

A noticeable point here is, colors of dry flowers move to reduce over time and therefore it are would be an intelligent move to opt for simple colors. It is also important not to use too many dominant flowers as its effect can be negative. Filling in the arrangement with smaller, lighter flowers is a better option, with a single dominant flower in the midst. Dry flower arrangement need not be devoid of fragrance. The desired fragrance can be acquired by sprinkling a few drops of a favorite essential oil. However, since essential oils come in concentrated solutions, care should be taken not to use it in excess.


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