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10 Commandments of Home Décor

13 Mar 2015

Home décor is equally important as buying a home itself as it can decide the way the house is going to look once it is fully furnished. Most people tend to think that home décor furnishing is an easy proposition and anybody can do it without much difficulty, but that is a wrong notion. To make a home beautiful, it takes great effort, perseverance and patience.In order to help anyone who wants to make their homes look much better and beautiful there are ten important rules or commandments. Sticking to these can save one from most of the common mistakes that homeowners commit while decorating their homes.

Avoid being overly trendy

While it is obvious that one may want to go with the latest trend in home décor, make sure that you never overdo it. Before going after a trend, do some homework to ensure that it will go with the type of home you have and you will not regret the same in the recent future. Also, see how long has the trend been around and if it will stick around for some more years as well. It is a fad, it is advisable to stay away from that as it will soon go away and you will end up losing all the money invested in whatever piece that you have bought.

Never succumb to style over comfort

This is a common problem that most people place. They are so much impressed by the looks on an item, that they overlook the comfort offered by it. They only realize their plight after a few months. Always consider that whatever piece you buy will be of use to you than being a mere showpiece. A show piece is only good to cost you the precious space of your room.

Avoid being overly trendy

Never underestimate the color of the paint

If you have painted the entire room in a color that looked absolutely gorgeous in the can, but awful with the light and everything, there could not be a worse scenario. So it is really important that you choose the color wisely considering the factors like, the lighting, furnishing, rugs and even the floor of the room.

Commandments of Home Décor

Complement the purpose of the room

While you go to any home furnishing stores for your home décor accessories, make sure that you are buying things keeping in mind in which room and which corner that goes and why. Understand why you need something in that room. Buy things that are only required in that room. If you place a large TV on a wall of a reading room, where no one watches TV, it is a waste of money, time and effort. Never make that mistake.

Not all DIY ideas are for you

Since there is an ocean of DIY home decor ideas available online, if you are not the creative-type, stay away from such ideas or you would end up embarrassing yourself. If you think that is not your cup of tea, then take the backseat and let the experts do it for you.

Choose the right plant for you

Just because a plant looked awesome somewhere else, it does not necessarily look great at your living room as well. Consider the lighting, space, sunlight and the nature of the plant before bringing one home.

10 Commandments of Home Décor

Buy high quality

When you go on a home decor shopping for any home décor article, buy the best quality or you may be looking at a broken chair or torn pillow or curtain six months from your purchase.

Time to reorganize, go practical

if you want to organize your home, make sure that it is not complicated. There are many people who complicate organization of stuff so much so that they even forget what goes where. So, there are no rules here. It is you who has to deal with it, so it is best not to complicate things.

Forget about clichés

You do not have to do anything for the sake of it. If you have a blank wall, you do not have to make something up to decorate it. A blank wall could look great if the tone and the arrangement of other stuffs is good. It is definitely good to go with a blank wall than with a rustic idea that will eventually make the wall look awful.

You'd better have a budget and stick to it

This is a problem that many people face. They do not have a budget while planning home decor furnishingand go on spending not realizing what to buy and what not to and when to stop.Having a budget can put cap on the spending and keep you realistic about the purchases.

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