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Advantages of Cotton Quilts and why they are better than other types of quilts

25 Mar 2015

When it comes to selecting a quit people often find it very difficult to choose the type of fabric of the quilt. Though it can be tricky to select the right fabric of the quilts that you want to buy, depending upon the weather, one should be able to prioritize their choices. However, the best type of quilts is cotton quilts. There are plenty of advantages of selecting cotton quilts over others.

Cotton Quilts Razais

Unlike many other fabrics, cotton is available at different weights adding to its ability to fit for many projects such as bags, clothing, throw pillows, quilts and sheets. One can find a large variety of cotton quilts online to choose from or visit any of the home furnishing stores for the best ones.

Reasons why one must prefer cotton quilts over others:

Cotton quilts breathe easy and more
Different from other fabrics used to make quilts, cotton breathes easily and more than any of the oil based synthetic fabrics. This makes the quilts extremely comfortable to use. Comfort is the first thing that one would want when they want to use a quilt for a quality sleep.

Cotton quilts are dust mite resistant
Dust mites can be very annoying to everyone and if the fabric that the quilt is made of attracts them there cannot be a worse reason to jeopardize your sleep. However, cotton quilts are highly dust mite resistant ensuring you than you would never have to worry about being annoyed by one while you are asleep.

Cotton Quilts Razais India

Cotton quilts are hypoallergenic
There cannot be friendlier quilts than cotton quilts for people who have allergies or asthma. People who are allergic to various fabrics can use cotton quilts to make sure that they stay comfortable without having to worry about skin rashes or any other sorts of allergies.

Causes less damage to the environment
Cotton quilts are one of the best ways to preserve the environment and the nature around you. Since cotton is very environment friendly, cotton quilts can cause no damage to the environment. They are bio-degradable unlike most of the synthetic fabrics used to make quilts. Apart from that, cotton quilts are also a renewable resource. If you care about making the world better place to live in, then grabbing cotton quilts online or from any of the home furnishing stores may just be a beginning.

Cotton quilts are durable
As a person who cares about the money that you spend, the last thing that you want to get your beautiful quilt torn just after 6 months of the purchase. Since quilts must be able to sustain the strains while you are asleep, most quilts made up of non-cotton fabrics can be subjected to easy wear and tear. However, cotton fabrics are a lot stronger than most of the synthetic fabrics that are used to make quilts. This provides cotton quilts a unique advantage; they tend to stay longer and durable unlike other quilts.

Cotton quilts are softer
Who wouldn’t like to feel the smooth and soft feeling of fabric to their skin? Everyone would love that. So, this happens to be one of the best reasons to grab a cotton quilt, because cotton is extremely soft.

Cotton quilts never stink
One of the problems faced by quilts made of non-cotton is that they easily stink. Since they are easy to latch onto by many odors it is difficult to be removed even after washing. However, cotton quilts have a good name as they never carry odors when they are washed.

Quilts Razais India

Less stainable
 If you have a habit of drinking coffee, tea or juice in the bed, then you always are at a danger of staining your quilts, not of course if you have a cotton quilt. Women would love as they know that removing stain from a fabric. However, if you have cotton quilts, then you can be at peace thanks to its stain-resistant property.

One could go on speaking about the advantages of quilts. Apart from adding great comfort and convenience to your bed, they are an excellent home décor furnishing item. One can find a lot of designer quilts and cotton quilts online, if you know what you are looking for.

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